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Agera SWX series™


Perfect for salt and freshwater, the Hamachi Agera are built to endure long fights with the biggest of fish, the 4000 and 5000 have proven to be more than up to the up to the task of stopping speedsters like the sailfish, brutes like dogtooth tuna and giant trevally on 20lb and 30lb braid.


The 2000 and 3000 are the ideal size for ultralight braids and the power for a trophy trout through to mega bass and similar fish, the cranking arm length, spool diameter and 5.2:1 ratio have ensured they're the perfect retrieve speed for slow pitch and fast punching jigging and more than up to the task flicking lures or baits.


The Agera is a full alloy construction body and rotor, with a precision machined CNC alloy spool stacked with the Agera Aeros carbon drag system, Agera HX gear system, 11+1 ARB bearings, and naturally left or right hand retrieve in the one reel.

Agera XHD series™


The big brother to the SWX series, the XHD are built Xtra Heavy Duty for those of us chasing the biggest of tackle busting fish, arming ourselves with heavy braid and rods to match, ensuring we have a fighting chance of turning that fish before it breaks us off.


Big spool capacities, a godlike 30 kilos of pressure available through the carbon drag system, full alloy construction body and rotor 9 + 1 ARB bearings with a precision CNC machine alloy spool, designed for the travelling angler that needs a reel which is as versatile as it is powerful, enough speed to crank poppers, yet low enough gearing to jig or bottom fish.


The combination of cranking arm length, spool diameter and 4.7:1 ratio has created the perfect reel to cater for these scenarios, through the use premium alloys the weight has been kept to a minimum making them ideal for all day popping or jigging.

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