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Traditional Speed Jig

The new XOS GT’n’Doggie™  are available in a wide variety of traditional and modern Japanese jigging styles, the traditional speed jig rod is the versatile all-around offshore fishing rod.


Primarily designed for dedicated hardcore speed jigging, they are more than capable of doubling up for trolling, bottom fishing and live baiting.


With a closed length of only 1 meter! (3’2) They're perfect for travel and built with plenty of power, the ultra-lightweight makes them an outstanding choice for all-day jigging.


Crafted to be the ultimate rod for jigging wrecks, coral reefs and the deep blue. With the ability to slam on the brakes and turn the biggest of tuna, amberjack, cobia, trevally and much more, the speed jig is also perfect choice for battling with mega cod and grouper like the Warsaw or Hāpuku, no more compromising between power and lightweight, with the XOS GT'n'DOGGIE™ series you get both.

Like all XOS GTnDoggie rods it's built with a traditional bare butt blank section allowing for the rod to be tuck under the arm for both jigging and fighting the fish, the rubber butt gimbal also allows for the rod to be used with a gimbal belt for fighting big fish.

Available in both spinning/threadline & conventional/casting 

Click here to learn about our lifetime warranty 

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