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Every couple of years, the Hamachi custom build team chose a very select few discerning owners of high-end Hamachi rods to have a custom XOS GT’n’Doggie handmade for them.


Our craftsmen painstakingly hand cut and roll the finest materials available to form one of the highest performance blanks possible, hand sort through hundreds of guides, reel seats and trims to find only the best to ensure the product the customer receives is the best of the best from Hamachi. 


The blanks are hand trimmed, bound, glued and resin coated with multiple layers to form a finished product that can only be described as an ultra high-performance work of art.


For those clients looking for a genuinely unique rod the custom XOS GT’n’Doggies are available with 24kt gold trim and embossing.


Less than 200 of the XOS GT’n’Doggie “CUSTOM INVITE” jig and popping rods are handcrafted with each release, they're a highly desired rod among our customers, contact your Hamachi dealer to find out how you can get an invite.

*Pricing starts at $2520USD*

Click here to learn about our lifetime warranty 

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