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First released in 2016, the 2019 Hamachi Nano Ultra Cast™  has proven to be incredibly popular with anglers. The new Hamachi Nano Ultra Cast™ Built tough with Zrx Nano Carbon composite, creating and an incredibly strong fast taper rod, designed for maximum casting distance while maintaining incredible fight power.


Constructed at the upper end of the weight range for popping, they're built for longevity rather than lightness in doing so the rods are very robust and forgiving.


They're a versatile rod, constructed as a spin setup with more than enough guides to be flipped over and used for an overhead reel making them very popular with land-based game fisherman for ballooning and the like. If you're casting lures or baits from the rocks or on a boat, these are a well-balanced weapon.


With a medium-soft fast taper tip, combined with a beefy butt section the rods are perfect for your next encounter with anything! From big trevally, tuna, giant queenfish, mackerel, tarpon and many more sport fish.

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