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What's a JDM rod? 

Hamachi Japanese Domestic Market JDM series rods use our highest performance nano carbon blanks, tangle-free guides and each model has its own JDM finish making the rods look as good as they perform.

Hamachi JDM blanks are the latest in nanocarbon material, designed for faster blank recovery, higher energy transfer and to take more pressure off the angler.

Blank recovery is determined by blank material tensile, taper and wall thickness, the better quality nanocarbon and higher tensile blanks with the correct taper and wall thickness will recover faster from bending to straight. (Tensile is not to be confused with blank stiffness as you can get very stiff blanks that are slow to recover)


Fast recovery is important because it transfers more energy through the blank, as the rod naturally tries to stay straight, putting more force on the fish and less on the angler.


Higher tensile fibres also drastically improve rod sensitivity, lure action and casting distances. 

​Everything used in Hamachi rods is built to Hamachi specs for our lifetime warranty.

Click here to learn about Hamachi's lifetime warranty.

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