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Brute Slayer

The 7'6 2 piece Brute Slayer packs down to 155cm (61’), with outstanding casting distance and mind-blowing power!!


Capable of casting big poppers and baits incredible distances with accuracy to match, if you chase Volkswagon size GT’s, jumbo red bass, monster tuna of all varieties or other oceanic monsters, Hamachi’s  XOS GT’n’Doggie Expedition™ rods are what you need.


We've designed these rods to be the best popping and spinning on the market, we aim to blow away not only the competition but also the angler using our rods for casting distance with big poppers.


The tip's perfect action for twitching and blooping ensures you're getting the best out of your poppers and stick baits. Built with all-day casting expeditions in mind the XOS GT’n’Doggies™ is an ultra-lightweight rod, one of the lightest in its class, the latest taper combined with the best nano-materials guarantees that during battle pressure is on the fish, not the angler.

Like all XOS GTnDoggie rods it's built with a traditional bare butt blank section allowing for the rod to be tuck under the arm for both popping and fighting the fish, the rubber butt gimbal also allows for the rod to be used with a gimbal belt for fighting big fish


The XOS GT’n’Doggies™ have you covered on land and afloat.

Click here to learn about our lifetime warranty 

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