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The Hamachi Zenku Super Nano™, is the latest version of the original Hamachi Nano jig Xtreme™, still retaining the incredible sensitivity and insane lifting power, the new version boasts upgraded fittings, higher performance blank and the second fore-grip (fighting grip) providing that extra power and rod control you need for landing the big brutes on light tackle.


The thin diameter blank of the Hamachi Zenku Super Nano™ gives the appearance of a stock flick rod, yet its design and use of the latest in nanomaterials enables them to dead-lift up to 10KG in the PE1-3 models and up to 7KG with the PE 0.5-3 models, very few rods are capable of that let alone with an ultra-thin jig stick.


The Zenku range is a fantastic way to get into slow pitch and fast punch jigging, their versatility enables them to be an ideal choice for soft plastics, baited rigs and general close quarters lure work.


As one of our premium rods, they are softer and more forgiving action, capable of handling the odd accidental knock or high stick, these are also an ideal choice for Kayak Fishers.

Available in both spinning/threadline & conventional/casting 

Click here to learn about our lifetime warranty 

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