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Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


Privately Held

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Hamachi Nautical Composites

First handcrafted in the 90’s for the Japanese domestic market, by 2005 our range of Hamachi® rods made their way to Australia, for hardcore anglers requiring ultra high-performance jigging and popping rods to tame the brutes of their waters, like the Samsonfish, Dogtooth Tuna and Giant Trevally. It wasn’t long before word got out and Hamachi rods started appearing across the globe.


Today, we are still a boutique manufacturer, hand rolling every blank, you will find Hamachi rods & reels in over seventy countries worldwide.

If there’s an exotic location where the beasts of the deep are renowned for smashing tackle & bringing seasoned anglers to their knees, then our tackle is what you need to beat them.


With this in mind, we designed Hamachi rods for the travelling angler looking for a rod compact enough for air travel and more than up to the task when they arrive at the once in a lifetime exotic location.


Through our team of experts with decades of experience, in design, manufacturing and of course hardcore fishing. The latest Hamachi designs are tested to the limits in many of the most extreme fishing destinations on the planet.


Our rigorous research and development cycle enables the refinement to handcraft some of the finest Japanese tackle available.


Hamachi’s boutique size has allowed us to remain highly nimble and stay ahead of the pack, enabling fast production, extensive field testing and refinement of prototypes to bring the latest designs and materials to the market well ahead of our competitors.


Priding ourselves on a tradition of innovation, always redefining performance boundaries and to cater to those that know and demand extreme performance tackle.


In a market where many manufacturers struggle to provide even a one year warranty, we ensure our Hamachi rods are crafted so we more than have the confidence to offer with a lifetime warranty*.



Demand The Best, Demand Hamachi!

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