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The 2019 Hamachi Nano Stalker™ range is an incredibly sensitive ultra-high tensile carbon blank infused with nano resins, creating a rod with the finesse of a very high-end carbon without having to worry about the nicks and bumps of day to day fishing with traditional carbon.


Designed for small to medium spin reels, they're perfect match for the Agera 2000 - 5000 SWX reels size. If you're into stalking the flats, wading a creek, or working the backwater country chasing the brown trout of a lifetime, the Hamachi Nano Stalker™ range is an excellent, well-balanced all-around light tackle rod, crafted for lures and soft plastics. 


For 30lb tackle and under, the Nano Stalkers™ are one of the best rods you will find. The Hamachi team trialled the range on everything! From North American bass, Australian Murray cod, giant trevally in the Pacific, to brown trout of New Zealand and King Salmon of Alaska. They were blown away by the Nano Stalkers™ sensitivity, accuracy and the ability to control fish throughout the fight.

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