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Bulletproof Braid

Hamachi Bulletproof is a silky smooth polyethene (PE) braid available in both 4 and 8 strand weave.


Bulletproof's silky smooth finish provides superior line lay and abrasion resistance.


4 strand is designed as an economical braid for the occasional fisherman, the 8 strand version provides a significantly higher level of performance.


Both of our 4 and 8 strand versions are open weave braids which enable the braid to be very limp and perform significantly better for jigging verses the wide array of fused and semi-fused braids available on the market today.


The stiffness found in fused braids and low-quality weave braids can hinder the jig causing it to lose the action that entices so many fish to strike, particularly in slow fall were stiff braids can act as a keel in place of allowing the jig to flutter down imitating a wounded baitfish


The 4 and 8 strand Bulletproof braids are designed for use on both spinning (fixed spool) and overheads (conventional / multiplier) reels, with the 150lb and 200lb sizes of our 8 strand braid design specifically for deep drop fishing.


Why choose 8 strands Bulletproof over 4?

Doubling the number of strands reduces the size of each strand allowing the overall product to have a smoother, silkier finish. 

The smoother and more limp the braid the less friction as it goes through the rod guides, in turn, having the ability to add distance to your cast and impart more life-like action into jigs and poppers.


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