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The Hamachi Wicked Reef™ crossover rod is the best of both worlds, capable of jigging, bottom bouncing and tossing poppers and plugs, packing down to 115cm (3'9”) they're a perfect coverall bases rod that's awesome for the travelling angler!!


These are another awesome addition to the Hamachi range, the tip has the perfect action for twitching stick baits up to 150g (5oz) and great for slow pitch (fall) jigging up to 400g jigs (13oz) at 7’ the extra length provides the option for a longer pitch (jig movement) and full rod recovery.


A very versatile medium tackle rod, rigged with 30 or 50lb braid they cover all the bases both from the shore or boat, built with modified parabolic thin diameter blanks with the Hamachi seamless curve, the crossovers are a two-piece rod with serious power!


Most Japanese domestic market rods for slow pitch (fall) jigging are designed for use from a spankered boat, a powerboat with a tail sail, rarely are these seen outside of Japan, these boats provide near-perfect vertical jigging, both constant contact with the jig and no line belly.


To achieve this without a spankered boat, anglers find themselves using jigs up to 150% of the rod’s rating, greatly reducing the rods ability to have a lively looking jig. The Wicked Reef™ crossover has been designed for semi-vertical to vertical drift jigging, the rod is capable of both fastpitch/punch jigging, as well as traditional slow pitch/fall jigging.


When using the crank and jerk slow pitch technique, the rod tip is designed to load up to the weight of the jig and slowly spring back up, pitching the jig in a manner very true to nature of a scared or injured baitfish.


Using the fast pitch jig ratings, the lighter jigs enable the rod to quickly spring back creating an energetic fleeing baitfish appearance with the jig, having a rod that does both allows the angler to switch up their style of jigging depending on what's working best that day, which is what makes this one of the most versatile jig rods available.

Available in both spinning/threadline & conventional/casting in PE 3-5

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