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The Hamachi Nano Xylimum Xtreme™ series are versatile, traditional full parabolic rods.

Primarily designed for traditional jigging, they're also an excellent all-around boat rod, bottom fishing, live baiting, stray lining and trolling, one of the reasons they have remained popular for so many years.


Utilising a Nano-based blank, the Nano Xylimum Xtreme™ have insane fighting power capable of working both speed and slow fall jigs, the lower end of the rods jig weight rating is for speed jigs the upper end is the maximum size for slow pitch jigs. With outstanding sensitivity through the blank, allowing the angler to feel even the slightest touch of a fish.


As one of our premium rods, they are softer and more forgiving action, capable of handling the odd accidental knock or high stick, these are also an ideal choice for Kayak Fishers.


All models are fitted with the very popular fighting fore-grip, providing that extra leverage when battling with big fish and a traditional bare butt blank section allowing for the rod to be tuck under the arm for both jigging and fighting the fish, the rubber butt gimbal also allows for the rod to be used with a gimbal belt for fighting big fish.


Available in both spinning/threadline & conventional/casting 

Click here to learn about our lifetime warranty 

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